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IT Budget Estimator
The IT Budget Estimator assists with an information technology budget process by highlighting services, telecommunications, salaries, purchases, etc. that should be considered when planning for the future.

Video Conferencing Comparison Chart
This chart compares the various features of 5 commonly used video conferencing technologies.

Migrating to the Cloud? Track Your Progress with Azure Migrate
In the past, cloud migration was overwhelming with disconnected tools in different places. That's why Microsoft introduced Azure Migrate to bring everything together and simplify cloud migration.

COVID-19 Update
Where to find updated information regarding COVID-19

FBI Recommends Using Long Passphrases Over Strong Passwords
Is it better to use long passphrases over strong passwords? The FBI says that it is.

Ransomware Protection Office 365
The documentation below describes how O365 protects your data from malware & ransomware

Securing Smart TVs
Your smart TV probably watches you more closely than you watch it, and the FBI wants you to keep that in mind this holiday shopping season.

Identifying Suspicious (Phishing) Emails
This Quick Reference Guide provides information on Phishing and how to identify if an email you've received is malicious.

Make yourself more cyber secure (in 5 simple steps)
Want to become more cyber secure? Follow these relatively simple steps to become more cyber secure.

Understanding Social Engineering
How to avoid being a victim and what to do if you think you are a victim.

Cyber Security Tips for Small and Medium Businesses
Know the Risks. Protect Yourself. Protect Your Business

Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks
Follow these tips to keep your information safe while using free Wi-Fi

Please help us improve our website by providing your feedback