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It is clear, over the last year or so, cybercriminals have evolved. Originally the goal was to lock up data with a ransomware attack and demand money to return it.

Cybercriminals are now locking up data or potentially stealing data and then asking for a ransom to unlock the data and to keep the stolen data from being sold or published - this increases their rewards by threatening people with exposure of data on top of holding the data hostage.

This new wave of cybercriminals may be targeting the clients of the organization whose data has been breached. The article below, has some interesting perspectives on this type of attack damaging the reputation of an industry.

Vastaamo breach: Is Blackmailing individual customers the next extortion trend?

Source: www.scmagazine.com 

Is Blackmailing Individual Customers the Next Extortion Trend for Cybercriminals?

Sourced by: Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Looking for steps you can take to protect your organization’s networks and information from cyber threats? To get you started, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security have summarized 13 security control categories that your organization can implement, covering:

  • Incident Response Plan
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Backing up and encrypting data

..and more

By implementing these controls, you can reduce your risks and improve your ability to respond to security incidents. 

While it isn’t always necessary to implement all of the controls, it is encouraged to adopt as many as possible to enhance your cyber security.


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