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During these challenging times we want to ensure you have the solutions you need to continue your important work. This approximately 2-hour online event includes 8 sessions which you may watch as an entire event or individually:

  • Firsthand accounts of the critical role nonprofits such as the Canadian Red Cross, Make A Wish, and YMCA Victoria have played in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Real-world examples of enabling remote work by Antonia Martinez and Flora Muglia, Microsoft
  • Guidance on managing and securing access to apps, data, and devices, featuring Mercy Housing
  • Best practices for rapidly adapting your business processes, featuring Australian Red Cross and Barhead’s Rona the Chatbot
  • Ideas for enhancing constituent engagement and fundraising
  • Practical tips on analyzing results and data driven programming, featuring the Data Warehouse Quickstart
  • Driving transparency and standards with the Nonprofit Accelerator and the Nonprofit Common Data Model
  • Available training and resources for nonprofits

We hope you find the content inspiring, practical, and relevant to the opportunities and challenges your organization is facing. More than ever before, we are inspired by the resiliency and innovation of this nonprofit community and are committed to delivering solutions that help drive impact now and into the future.

Nonprofit CXO Summit - Watch Now 


Microsoft Tech for Social Impact Team

Source: Microsoft.com

MS Nonprofit CXO Summit - Available Now

July 24, 2020
This on-demand virtual event is designed specifically for nonprofit leaders like you who are focused on applying innovation and technology to accelerate impact.

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